Monday, June 27, 2005

Natal - Monday

Monday we were invited to visit the Mission/Bible School started by Harland and Hazel Graham. We were given a tour and had a meeting with the people who head up the mission about how it would be wonderful to train missionaries from Brasil to go to Mozambique because they speak Portuguese there. We spoke about how our church could work together with them to make it a reality. It is very exciting to see a work started by two people from our church, multiply to 200 churches in Brasil and now those churches will be sending missionaries of their own. God truely works in ways that are amazingly difficult if not impossible to understand.

After that visit the pastors from Natal took us to lunch at another place that fed us too much good food. (Come to think of it, all of the places seemed to feed us too much. Oh, wait, maybe the problem lies with me and my inablility to stop eating. Who knows?) Shopping at the Prison followed that. There is an old prison in Natal that has been converted into a market. They sell all kinds of tourist things. On the way home we stopped by the "Natal Shopping." Yes, you read it right. The people use the word shopping as a noun to describe a mall. It is an English word that has infiltrated their society but it was not brought in as we know it to be correct. We found a candy store to pick up some treats to bring back with us. We also finally made it to a McDonalds in Brasil. It was the other one in town and was located in the mall. We were proud to research and determine that the "Big Mac" was very similar in taste to the ones we have in the States. And that was it, our last night in Brasil.

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