Thursday, June 23, 2005

Caruaru Thursday

In the morning we had our time of devotions and then we sang and prayed over the city. Tonight is a big festival in Caruaru called St. John's Festival. However it's Biblical roots it has become another excuse to party.

We then went over to Luz da Vida, Light of Life, the correspondance ministry where they send out Bible course work. There were some errors made in one of the printings. It was our job today to correct as many of the pamphlets that we could. We had to white out and change some verse references, add an insert and stamp the address. There were five of us working--me, Kim, Lynette, Al and Caroline. We worked for 2 hours and got about 500 done.

After lunch we went to a market to shop. We saw many tourist type items. We were able to get some things for really cheap. Kim got a blanket for 12 Reals(pronounced hey al), or 7 dollars and some wooden spoons for 2 Reals, or 80 cents. We enjoyed seeing all of the culture.

In the evening we had a bar-b-que with the youth. Kim and I were asked to share our testimony of our courtship. It went well but it was hard to tell how much it really sunk in with the youth. They seemed to pay attention the whole time so that was good. We went to bed after midnight that evening and we had breakfast with Lou and Fay in the morning at 8am. Then we said many goodbyes. It was very hard to leave those wonderful people.

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