Thursday, June 30, 2005

Home at last

Well, we are home. The trip was wonderful and Kim and I really enoyed it. However, there is just something about coming home to the familiar after being gone for a while. In that note stay tuned for a "Post Brasil - Top 10 things I am thankful for" to be posted soon. That is after I finish getting up to date on how the trip went. But for now, you can know we got home safely. Tired, jetlaged, grimy feeling, but nothing a shower, sleep and more sleep will fix. I even went to work today. Funny thing, I got really hungry at weird times. Good thing a few simulators broke to keep my mind off of my stomach. By the way, you know a good indicator of when you have had a good vacation? If you forget your password to log your time. It means you were able to get your mind completely off of work. It also means you need to find that piece of paper or program where you keep your passwords and user names.

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