Friday, June 10, 2005

An update on the house

I know my picture of the fireplace might not have excited you as much as it did me. So I will have to explain a little bit. When the wood burning stove was in there we didn't know that there was anything behind it. For all we knew it just had the "fancy brick facade" for looks and there was just a hole in the wall that connected to the chimney. I say "fancy" because it really isn't. They are fake brick and it looks kind of cheesy. But when I disconnected the stove and pulled it away along with the black sheet metal that was behind it the fireplace was suddenly exposed. It was very exciting because Kim and I had been saying that it would be neat if we could have a fireplace instead of the wood burning stove. However, because of our budget it probably wasn't going to happen. But now it is already there and all we will have to do is put our new tile around it and voila we will have a true fancy fireplace. Also note in the picture that is the final paint job. The wall around the fireplace has a "faux" finish. (Second note: faux is pronounced foe as in "Fe Fi Fo Fum") Our friend Michael (of Mike & Lyndsay famed by their involvement in the great Saturday "Lord of the Rings" all-day-extended-edition-movie-party. And the amazing never-before-thought-of "Axis and Allies/Scrapbooking day.) is a professional painter and he helped me with the painting. He sprayed the ceilings, helped "cut in" (doing the color transition lines between walls and ceilings and different colored walls) and he painted the faux finish on that wall. It looks really cool in person. We are almost finished preparing the floors to put in the laminate flooring (fake wood). I actually started laying it in one of the bedrooms. It is very exciting to see it start to come together. Well, my fingers are raw to the bone from typing so much so I had better get to work. Today we lay flooring all day.

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Luke Storer said...

Your fireplace sounds really exciting... along with all the improvements you are making to the house. I am glad it is going so well, and I hope I get to see it sometime relatively soon. (though I know not when.