Saturday, June 11, 2005

Now That's a Graduation

We went to Justin's Graduation today. He is my brother-in-law. It was in the Seahawk's stadium "Qwest Field." There were about 10,000 people there. The graduates who were seated on the field numbered at least 1,000. Not exactly the intimate environment I am used to. But it was an experience.

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Luke Storer said...

Wow, that is one big graduation. You know, my graduation was similar... though much smaller. I had about 500 people in my class, and we had a graduation in the gymnasium of the local university. It was a bit like a big assembly line. We had a couple speakers, a song fromt eh choir, and then say each persons name, give them an opportunity to shake two people's hands, hand them a diploma, take a picture, sit down. You are right. Not very personal... not like in Cando.