Sunday, June 26, 2005

Natal (aka Nativity)

The same driver we had from Recife to Caruaru drove us from Caruaru to Natal. We left about 10am and drove until 6pm. It was a long drive. We did stop for lunch and a few potty brakes. Lunch was interesting. Our driver knew no English and neither did anyone at the restaurant. We eventually ordered 3 meals that claimed should feed 2 people each. There were 8 of us. When the food came out we were so surprised! There was so much food we couldn´t finish it all. We gave the leftover meat to our driver (it probably weighed 2lbs. It was difficult to know how much food we were going to get without speaking the language.

After arriving in Natal at our Hotel we rested for a little while then walked 5 blocks to a Mall. We found a grocery store and bought some bottled water and ate a snack in the food court. The following day (Saturday) another driver came to take us to another orphanage that we support in Natal. We got a tour and met many wonderful kids. I must get going now. My time at the internet cafe is running out. More later.

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